Quimesis quicksolar


This solar panel washing robot greatly increases productivity during cleaning. It also reduces the risks for the operator who can work safely from the ground.

Solar panel cleaning robot

What's that all about?

Quimesis has developed the QuickSolar to meet the needs of the solar panel cleaning industry. It was interesting to replace the human work with brushes by a machine that could work faster and safer. The combination of experience in the field and technical expertise makes it possible to respond perfectly to the needs of the market.

Quimesis has worked on all aspects of engineering to build an outstanding robotic product with a wide range of evolutions in mind.
The units are assembled in our premises in Belgium.

What's up?

QuickSolar is a remote controlled robot for the cleaning industry.
It meets the high requirements in terms of robustness and reliability in difficult environments (hot, humid and slippery). The robot weighing 60 kg can be completely installed and operated by one man, which reduces the operating cost.


Quimesis was responsible for the complete development of the robot. We have designed a modular mechanical frame whose different parts are light to be assembled directly on the roof of the installations. The robot integrates our in-house developed controller: the QuimBox, whose software has been extended to support a new type of remote control...