Quimesis invineo


This intelligent dispenser allows you to serve wine by the glass precisely and at the ideal temperature. Quimesis has developed all the electronic cards and embedded software of this device of the future. Series production planned for 2021

Who's there?

Invineo is an innovative company that successfully combines wine tasting and technology. Their innovation is a patented solution for serving wine by the glass that preserves, refreshes, controls and serves wine with precision. Invineo enhances your wine by the glass offer, enhances your customers' experience, facilitates service and improves your profitability.

What's that all about?

Invineo had been working on its prototype for 2 years and needed to take one more step towards industrialization to validate the market with a few dozen machines before mass production. The mechanical designer has already been chosen and Quimesis has been selected to work on the electronics and embedded software. The new version has added a set of new functionalities: dynamic displays, user authentication, web interface, integrated diagnostics, data acquisition, improved service control, etc.


Quimesis was involved in the project to work on electronics and embedded software.
The wine distributor hides many high-end technologies including

  • Service check
  • Controlled web interface, etc.
  • Quiet cooling system
  • NFC for wine identification and user authentication
  • Wifi and 3G for remote data recording