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Synergy Sports

With this 100% automated solution, you can film and rebroadcast live your games (basketball, hockey, volleyball,...) with a professional image quality without any human intervention. It even performs slow motion replays automatically !!!

Keemotion Has Merged with Synergy Sports Technology


Each module is equipped with HD cameras allowing a complete view of the playground. An algorithm then automatically detects and zooms in where the action is. This video "editing" is then rebroadcast live on the internet for the viewers. 


Synergy sports (ex Keemotion) called upon Quimesis not only for the complete integration of the module (camera integration, addition of motor for remote autofocus adjustment, connection with the cloud,...) but also for the aesthetic aspect. Indeed, we are very proud of the final rendering made by the designer Judicaël Cornu.


Once the prototype was completed, Synergy sports asked us to do a lot of work on reducing production costs. We also declined the module in a version with only 2 cameras instead of 3. 


A real success story, Quimesis to help Synergie sports to launch the production in small series at the end of 2020. we can already see some examples around the world including one in San Francisco on the field where the NBA plays !!!